The Songs of Your Body

Tahlia and Carita come together to combine their years of different trainings and wisdom into this soul-ful package of exploring deeply the body, voice, mind and spirit. This will be a beautiful nourishing four days combining the elements of Voice, Lomi Lomi, Yoga, Emotional Anatomy, Embodied Counseling and more….

What is the Embodied Voice?

For many of us we have become ‘stuck’ in our throat, we have forgotten the wisdom that sits in our body and bones. How can we deeply listen to the wisdom within and hear that Voice?

The Embodied Voice is a place to come back to our primal instinctive selves, to feel the wild and holy Voice that lives within us. It’s a place of embodiment where we sound through our ‘Whole’ body. Speaking or singing with the intention to transform, not perform. To express, not impress, to come back to naked vulnerability and truth, at times beyond our conscious awareness. Using tools of deep listening, breath, sound, movement and deep embodied inquiry

There is absolutely no per-requisite to have any experience in sound or bodywork as inherently the wisdom of our voice and body reveals itself as we trust in its innocence. This is more a space in which to be curious and explore the own unique quality of your Voice and Body. What does YOUR own unique voice and body bring to the collective synergy and sacredness of the field? We are here to express, remember, allow, and give permission to ALL aspects of our embodied experience.

What is Lomi Lomi?

Lomi Lomi is to touch someone with our heart in our hands with Aloha (unconditional pure love and acceptance). A beautiful and profound Hawaiian massage that uses our hands as the extension of our hearts. We use our breath to connect with self and the other, to create space in our bodies to receive the goodness that’s abundant to us and to remind us to be present. It returns the body to a place of harmony and balance.
The beauty and power of Lomi Lomi lie in its simplicity in both the giving and receiving. The per-requisites are an intention to bring comfort and healing, a pair of warm hands and an open heart.

What is Emotional Anatomy?

Our body is like a history book. It carries the stories from our childhood and continues to do so as we develop. Some are short stories, some are novels; some are fleeting, some hang around a little bit longer. But they are all charged with emotions that are harbored in our bodies. When these emotions are being suppressed, they manifest within our bodies as diseases, dysfunctions and/or distortions. Having an awareness of why our body is the way they are, what are some of the possible underlying emotions that could be responsible for a dysfunction, we empower ourselves to create change to heal our lives. Curiosity and an open mind allow for potential for change, to find YOUR way to more health and freedom in your body, mind and spirit.

What outcomes can I expect from this workshop?

  • A deeper experience of your own unique voice and how it presents itself in and engages in the world.

  • Deeper listening skills to really hear yourself and others.

  • Connecting deeply with breath in the whole body.

  • Introducing the field of sound as a place of creative community building.

  • Connecting more with your primal voice.

  • Gaining tools to express a wider range of vocal expression.

  • Becoming more spontaneous with your sound.

  • Becoming softer and more engaged in the places of resonance in our body.

  • More acceptance of our voice and letting go of old patterns and stories around our voice.

  • Body wisdom, ways to release and surrender through movement.

  • Gathering chi through movement, breath and stillness.

  • More awareness of the messages from our bodies and live a healthier life from the inside out.

  • Take home the gift of loving & healing touch to connect with your loved ones.

  • Friendships and community to support your evolution.

Your Facilitators

Tahlia Brand

Tahlia spent the early part of her life growing up on a sheep farm in the deep south of New Zealand. She was drawn to sing from an early age and pursued a career in Classical Voice for 20 plus years performing in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In her late twenties whilst in the UK, she became more deeply interested in Sound as a healing Modality and studied with different teachers and courses. She has trained in several different body therapies and is a Kahuna Massage Therapist, Somatic Sex educator and Embodied Counselor. In 2016 she completed a 9-month Womb apprenticeship with Janine Ma-Ree on the Red Earth in Australia. Tahlia holds a particular passion and interest in the connection between our throat and our sex and what happens as a result of vibrating these together.

Finally, in her own continued journey with how to show up in speaking and singing from an authentic place in the world, Tahlia draws on deep compassion and understanding of the courage and conviction it takes to journey in these places. With her own deep descent, and all the different trainings she has done she now employs a varied toolkit in which to draw on to hold this space for others.

More info about Tahlia: Click Here

Carita Wong

Carita deviated from the conventional path of a secured corporate job to become a personal trainer and group fitness instructor in her early twenties. Being quite athletic herself, she loves the physicality of the human body and what it is capable of doing. However, she is also aware that we are more than our physical body. Her fascination and keen interest in the body mind and spirit led her to study Reiki, counselling and life coaching in her earlier years. In the last 15 years, she’s dedicated herself to the practice of yoga and is a teacher of Power Yoga and Yin Yoga. Along the way, she fell in love with Ka Huna Bodywork and Heartworks Lomilomi. Since 2012, Carita has been facilitating Ka Huna Massage courses at Mette’s Institute and holding her own Heartworks Lomilomi Retreats all over Australia. In 2017, she completed her certification in Emotional Anatomy with Chris Knight of Soul Space in Australia.

Carita’s personal journey is about self love and having the courage to stand in her own power and light. Through her own healing journey, she’s discovered her innate capacity to be a strong support, encouraging and inspiring others in her warm and down to earth approach.

Review from a recent workshop participant

The reverence in the sacred space that was held each and every day by Tahlia felt safe, fun and liberating at the same time. I found that Tahlia was very present to each and every participant and really saw them and listened to their individual needs. The way she imparted her knowledge around consent and boundaries led to a truly safe supportive space being held.

Tahlia’s powerful voice gave me permission to explore my own voice in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible in such a short time. Listening to my sisters and dancing with them, made for a high energy and reconnecting weekend. I certainly experienced a few good shifts, and the flow on effect of that has inspired me to use my voice (toning) more during my own sessions with clients, and also to hold a dance and meditation space for men and women in my little town, something I had been wanting to do for a very long time, but hadn’t had the courage yet to create.

Tahlia is a super grounded Goddess of Sound. Hearing her make sound with her voice on its own is like receiving a sound healing, she is inspirational and easy to connect with. She encourages one to really be present and show up, which I loved. I would recommend Tahlia over and over again, if she ran all her workshops the way I experienced this one.

Carita is a genuine, heartful and grounded facilitator. I so enjoy learning from her. She brings in clarity, connection, funk and a simple joyfulness into all her teachings and kahuna bodywork. Some teaching wisdom that I will always remember from Carita is “the hand is an extension of the heart” and “pain is inevitable, but suffering is an option”. These wise words have brought much peace and ease into my life. I would highly recommend Carita as a Hawaiian Bodyworker and Teacher. She is Ace!


There is accommodation available on-site at a discounted rate. If you do decide to stay at Kondolilla let them know at the time of booking you are doing this workshop for discounted rates. Montville is only a 3 minute drive should you wish to stay at an Air Bnb close by in this stunning part of Queensland.

Dates and Time:

Start on Thursday 8 August at 3pm
Finishes on Monday 12 August by 12pm


  • Full price: $750
  • Early bird price: $695 if paid by 30 May 2019


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