Integrative Bodywork

I offer a space for rejuvenation and healing where your body, mind and spirit are held with respect and unconditional acceptance. Having trained in several effective healing and therapeutic modalities, my treatments are tailored to suit each client’s needs following a consultation. Each session could include one or more of the modalities.

Massage is one of the most effective ways to bring our bodies back into balance. In the busyness of our daily lives, stopping to recalibrate, to address any physical or emotional concerns, or even to pause for deeper breaths may get pushed down the To-do List. I approach my work with the presence of aloha, a readiness to listen and a sincere wish for your utmost well being. Make your health and well being your priority to fully enjoy the abundance of your life.

Services include:

  • KaHuna Massage – Long rhythmic strokes with forearms and deep connective tissue and/or muscular tension release as needed.
  • Heartworks Lomilomi – Working with some of the major meridian lines, effective for lymphatic drainage and circulation.
  • Emotional Anatomy – Connecting our physical and emotional bodies to gain a better understanding of the stories in our lives.
  • Thai Floor Massage – Stretching, palming and kneading of the muscles on massage mat.


  • 60mins – $110
  • 90mins – $150
  • 120mins – $190

Private yoga session combined with massage is also available. Please contact me for further information.


As massage therapist, we do not diagnose or claim to treat or cure any diseases, afflictions or injuries. We recommend to consult your doctor and/or relevant professional health practitioners for diagnosis and/or treatment of specific medical conditions or injuries.

Kahuna Massage

KaHuna Massage has its origins in the South Pacific and was traditionally performed on royalties and as a rite of passage. It is also known as Hawaiian Temple Style Massage. KaHuna massage is a multi layered massage that treats the body in its entirety from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual. I use my forearms, elbows and hands to deliver soft and deep tissue massage to strip away tension held in your body. The rhythmic and long fluid strokes accompanied by breath and music relax the muscular and nervous systems to return your body to a harmonious balance.

In my treatments, I will also address specific issues in your body by incorporating in the KaHuna flow, different techniques I have acquired to alleviate symptoms and/or tension.  Combined with years of experience, intuition and ability to create a nurturing healing space, you’ll leave your first of many my massages feeling physically, emotionally and mentally renewed and revitalised.

KaHuna Massage - Heartworks Lomi Lomi - Cooran - Noosa - Singapore
KaHuna Massage - Heartworks Lomi Lomi - Cooran - Noosa - Singapore

Pregnancy Massage

A special time for mum and bub to be nurtured simultaneously by the beautiful KaHuna Pregnancy Massage. Massage is a wonderful complement to your existing prenatal care. It helps to alleviate the normal discomforts of pregnancy such as backaches, joint pains, leg cramps, swelling (edema), potential stress and anxiety. Weekly massages have been shown to reduce the levels of stress hormones cortisol while increasing the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine. It improves circulation and oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles, promotes better sleep and overall wellness. Haven’t been able to lie on your belly to receive a massage? Well, my massage table features a pregnancy hatch that accommodates your beautiful belly comfortably. When you are relaxed and happy, your baby is relaxed and happy, too.

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

Another form/style of Hawaiian massage that’s deeply relaxing and healing.  The practitioner uses her hands to knead, push and pull the muscles and uses her thumbs along major meridians to enhance the flow of energy in the body.  The long, slow and deep movement of the hands over the muscles generates similar effects of myofascial release technique.   Deep breaths, heart connection and soothing music create the perfect ambience for a blissed out experience.

KaHuna Massage - Heartworks Lomi Lomi - Cooran - Noosa - Singapore
KaHuna Massage - Heartworks Lomi Lomi - Cooran - Noosa - Singapore

Emotional Anatomy

Get to know yourself from outside in and step into life from the inside out. Every part of our body tells a story. These stories, as well as persistent thought patterns, not only shape our body but also our lives. I will help you understand the psychosomatic meanings embedded in different parts of your body. Through this process, you will gain insights into your potentials, your strengths and your challenges thus allowing you to live your life more authentically and purposefully. Be prepared to be confronted, be surprised and be transformed.

The energy of these stories and thought patterns that get stored in our bodies can be released through movement and KaHuna massage. Support your path to a lighter and more purposeful life by releasing old stories, deprecating thought patterns, stress and trauma with bodywork sessions.

Thai Floor Massage

Receiving a massage on the mat is akin to practicing yoga postures but with the receiver not having to do anything except breathe deeply.  Fully clothed and without oil, there is constant contact between the practitioner and the receiver.

Rather than kneading the muscles, the body is pulled, stretched, compressed and rocked.  The combination of deep static and rhythmic pressure and breath lulls the body into relaxation.  When the body is relaxed and oxygenated, the muscles can let go of the tension on the skeletal structure.

This can be a stand alone treatment or in combination with an oiled massage.  Some of the stretches are also used within an oiled massage treatment where appropriate.

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